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I make wine in Bordeaux and food is a thread that has been running throughout my life. In my teens, I was cooking in the family pub in the New Forest and years later, I ran the kitchen at our Cotswold country inn. Wine brings another layer of flavours and delight to a gathering around delicious food so I now relish choosing recipes to pair with my own red and white wines.

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I don’t make wine for a living, I drink wine for a living! I’ve spent over 30 years living and working in Bordeaux as a wine educator, writer and guide.   I went to Paris from the UK for a year, to study food and wine marketing and stayed. After eight years in Paris, I moved to Bordeaux to marry a local château owner and negociant and got knee deep in wine. Now I teach wine classes, run tastings and wine events around the world and welcome people on tours of the vineyards sharing my passion for Bordeaux. 

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Thank you

Thank you to all our friends who have given us feedback, proof-read and listened to us.

Some deserve a special mention:

Sally worked on a number of recipes to pair with Château George 7 as she bottled her first wines and they have been reproduced here. So thank you to Stéphanie Bottreau (chef) and Sandra Hygonnenc (photographer) who were behind a number of the recipes and their beautiful photos on this site. Styling was by Lynne Clover.

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