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Winter Recipes


Best Ever Hummus

Hummus is one of Sally's favourite ingredients on her tasting platters in her wine bar at Château George 7. Variations abound and often with store cupboard ingredients such as a jar of roasted peppers or sun dried tomatoes. This recipe includes some tips gleaned from experts over the years to make the creamiest and lightest you will ever taste.  Promise !

Cauliflower Dip

This makes such a lovely change from hummus  - I can't stress enough how yummy this is. The earthy notes of the roasted cauliflower go really well with red wine. If you are keeping it light with crudités, then the acidity of the lemon juice and feta freshen it up so it works really well served with white wine as an aperitif too.


Red Cabbage Two Ways

Braised or stir fried, this easy to prepare, inexpensive but cheerful ingredient is perfect as a holiday side or can take centre stage.  It adds some welcome colour to the table, is really good for us and goes perfectly with a fruity red wine.

Stuffed Dates

These are a lovely blend of sweet and savoury - I use the large medjool dates to make a sumptuous bite with seasonal flavours which also go wonderfully with the goat's cheese filling.

Date Nibbles.jpeg

Moroccan Sweet Potatoes

This delicious sweet potato dish is  full of healthy veg all livened up with Moroccan spices - a perfect winter warmer. Thanks Lynn for sharing your recipe and  for recommending it with Château George 7 red. Cheers!


We know cabbage is good for us with all that healthy fibre but ferment it and you add in gut-friendly bugs and it's delicious! Prepare sauerkraut in advance  - it's handy as an  accompaniment to lighten up some of the heavier starchier dishes we tend to serve in winter.

Wapalpam chickpea curry.jpg

Tropical Chickpea Curry

Something spicy to warm you  up on winter evenings. A recipe by chef Willibald Reinbacher from the wonderful Wapalapam restaurant in Mauritius - sharing a little wine sunshine with you. Thank you Willi. 

Pairing wine  with spicy food can be challenging but we are here to help!

Warming Winter Bean Stew

Cheap, easy and colourful, perfect for vegans this warming winter dish is perfect for the more frugal months of January and February  but still delicious and a welcoming steaming  bowl of goodness after a long winter walk.

Bean stew prep.jpeg

Jamie Oliver Chocolate and beetroot.jpeg cake.jpg

Beetroot and chocolate cake 

It might sound like an odd combination but beetroot is quite sweet and works well with dark chocolate,  making a moist rich and not too sweet cake. Serve with Greek-style yoghurt to limit the sugar rush.

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