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Cold Soups


Mini cold soups can work really well, whiz up a green gazpacho with fresh herbs, spring onions, olive oil, garlic, some avocado for creaminess (or Greek yoghurt for non-vegans) and sherry or rice vinegar to get the consistency you want. Sprinkle with elderflowers or freeze them into small ice cubes and float one on top to keep cool on a hot day.

Green soup.jpeg

Chilled  soup ideas

  • Gazpacho, is the classic chilled soup originally from Spain (not far south of Bordeaux). I was served a version in the Setubal Peninsula in Portugal with chilled fino sherry and freshly grilled sardines with lots of chopped veg and even fruits for everyone to add in as they saw fit – a very friendly way to dine.  it even stood up to their big bold red wines so it’s a real crowd pleaser.

  • ​Gazpacho can also be green using mainly cucumber or courgettes with onions and garlic? sprinkle with chopped chives.  


  • Pea soup is an easy summer option – you can use those sweet frozen petit pois, a good emergency go to if you have a packet in the freezer.  Serve sprinkled with fresh herbs or some whipped up with some fresh goats cheese.  

  • Blend some ripe avocados with some lemon or lime juice and some cooled vegetable stock or broth until you have the desired texture. Garnish with crab or prawns for the pescatarians or chopped herbs.  

  • Whizz the flesh of a ripe melon with some fresh ginger for tang and top with slices of cured ham for the non-veggies, or a swirl of walnut oil. Water melon works too, add in cucumber, tomatoes and or bell peppers to keep it savoury. 


  • You can basically have fun with whatever you have find in the market or have in the fridge. Whizz up with some salt, pepper spices, a drizzle of oil and some red wine vinegar and you’re good to go. Experiment and have some fun. It’s summer.


  • Chilled soups can also be a great dessert, Strawberry and red wine soup garnished with mint leaves, perfect with a merlot blend, blueberry and yoghurt and even chilled chocolate and berry soup – somewhere between a drink and a mousse.


What to serve with your cold soup? A bright light rosé always works, especially with the acidity of the tomatoes in a gazpacho and it’s a perfect riff on the fresh summer theme.  If you are going to add some chilli to your gazpacho why not a red, perhaps a young fruity Malbec  or Cabernet Franc driven wine. With the melon and ginger a chilled Sauternes makes it really special.   

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